Case Study: Enhancing Your Social Media Strategy

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How One Insurance Group Went to the Dogs

dogAre you a dog person or a cat person?

More than one conversation in social media has discussed this question — from quick chats among best buddies to deep, philosophical discussions about whether someone will make a good spouse or not.

As fun as this question may be, it is generally not the first question that pops into your mind when you think about life insurance.

However, one non-profit organization in the insurance industry learned that this is exactly the type of information it needed to understand and reach its target audience more effectively.

Trying to Build a Stronger Social Community

Over the years, Life Happens has been helping families, businesses, and individuals find the right insurance products to fit their needs. As part of these efforts to develop a stronger consumer education program, social media has played and continues to play a vital role.

But the Life Happens team was facing a huge challenge. Their social media campaign was not delivering the results they expected.

Life Happens needed a way to get inside the minds of its social media audience to better understand their needs, their likes, their preferences — and to better understand how to reach them. How could Life Happens create a mix of fun and educational content that would deepen customer engagement? Developing content that appeals to this audience was critical for building a stronger online community.

What Do They Have in Common?

Chris Hill, Vice President of Design & Social Media for Life Happens, wanted insights into his customers’ likes, interests, and lifestyle so he could engage with them in a way that would promote the value of life insurance. Chris became convinced that Life Happens needed several types of information — demographics, psychographics, personality types, and other interests that they could use to share their message about life insurance. How could Life Happens look beyond simple demographics to really understand what interests their customers have in common?

After evaluating his options, Chris commissioned a social data research report from Cubeyou to benchmark Life Happens customers against the overall market. What he learned about his target market was completely unexpected.

Their Social Media Strategy: Pets

Using market research automation, Chris and his team needed just a day or two of planning and execution to get a complete report that painted a more complete picture of their target customers. There were more females than males, they lived in urban areas, and many of them are single. Buy beyond these basic demographics, there was one key insight that really stood out: A substantial percentage of the audience was made of pet lovers.

This turned out to be a critical discovery. By using an approach based on observation, not on creating a list of questions, the Life Happens team was able to discover something it may not have learned otherwise.

“We were all surprised that an interest in pets ranked so high with our followers. I never would have guessed that.”

Chris HillVP of Design & Social MediaLife Happens

With the insights that Life Happens learned from market research automation, Chris and his team refocused their social content by talking more about pets. The results have been dramatic. The number of Life Happens followers on Facebook has risen to more than 230,000, and the average number of “Likes” per post has increased 3-5 times.

Life Happens Case Study
(Click here to download the Life Happens case study.)

Lessons Learned

As so wisely observed by Forrest Gump’s mother, “you never know what you’re gonna get.” The observations that Life Happens obtained through market research automation revealed key insights in an area where the entire marketing department wasn’t even looking.

As marketers, we generally have a good ideas of what our customers like or dislike. And so we create surveys and conduct interviews to validate (or invalidate) our assumptions. Smart marketers like Chris Hill are also using new technologies to supplement these conventional methods. By automating its market research, Life Happens was able to overcome the challenges it faced and successfully increase the popularity and usefulness of its social media campaign.

As the leader in market research automation, Cubeyou provides on-demand market research that gives marketers the customer insights they need to understand their customers better — fast.

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