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All the best consumer data sources in one place

Our platform brings together the most robust consumer data sources available, both online and offline. Leverage social media statistics, syndicated studies, government surveys, and more - even your own data.


Find insights into any audience, no matter how niche or new. Over 26 million brands, products and services covered and updated on a daily base. Go hyperniche to find insights on new products and recently launched services - even those not yet on the market.

ex. Female Snapchat Spectacle fans in Florida with income >$100k


Go deeper than you've ever thought possible, mixing demographics, psychographics, lifestyles, interests and consumption traits to pinpoint the exact audience you're looking for. Get hyper-local with over 10 Million panelists distributed across 950 US metro areas.

ex. Millennial Gamers in San Francisco that purchase electronics at BestBuy


Identify consumers not only by their demographics or consumption habits but by leveraging the whole spectrum of their personalities, interests and passions. Every aspect of your target's life is covered, from favorite celebrities to supported causes.

ex. Ford F150 consumers that practice extreme sports and actively support WWF

Find answers, not just insights

No more late nights in the office sifting through data, looking for insights. All the answers you need are unearthed and organized for you, based on the job you need done.


use Cubeyou for

New business

Gain a deep understanding of a new industry fast, map a competitive landscape and quickly spot trends and opportunities.


Identify target segments and build a complete buyer persona using demographics, lifestyles, interests and consumption habits in minutes.

Content creation

Understand how to connect with your target, what attracts their attention, and what is trending among them.

Media buying

Understand where to place your advertising bets by measuring media consumption across all media outlets both on and offline.


Create a brief for your creative team including lifestyle and personality assessments for any target audience with just two clicks.

PR & endorsement

Asses the next PR opportunity and spot the endorser that has the highest affinity with your target.

Sponsorships & events

Identify and evaluate sponsorship opportunities and event participation against your target audience profile.

ROI calculation

Understand and quantify exactly how your campaigns convert your target audience's interests into real-world consumption.

New business

Collect all the insights you need to demonstrate your audience fit and value to prospects and export them into a ready-to-go deck in seconds.

Competitive Benchmark

Easily benchmark your audience against any of your competitors and show prospects why they should choose you.

Prove value

Prove and measure the value of your audience independently from the platform they use online offline or on mobile.

Go long tail and local

Cross-tabulate your audience with over 26 Million variables and segment it down geographically to single metro areas.

ROI calculation

Show how your audience has converted their interests into consumption habits even before running a single campaign.


Find new prospects that convert and identify the advertisers that would gain the most from exposure to your audience.

Content creation

Understand how to connect with your target, find out what is catching your audience's interest and what is trending among them.

Bank on your social following

Prove to your prospects the value of your social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Competitive intelligence

Understand your competitors audiences and find the right way to appeal to them and gain their trust.

New opportunities

Identify new opportunity segments within your target audience; spot and compare trends for each one of them.

Strategy Creation

Identify the right segments to focus on and build a complete buyer persona from demographics, lifestyles, interests and consumption habits in minutes.

Enrich database

Augment your offline databases (CRM, mailing lists, survey data, social listening data etc) with full demographics, lifestyles, psychographics, interests, consumption habits and trends.

Content creation

Understand how to connect with your target, find out what is catching your audience's interest and what is trending among them.

Sponsorships & Events

Identify and evaluate sponsorship opportunity and event participation opportunities against your target audience profile.

Channel marketing

Define the right mix for your channel marketing by measuring where your potential customers shop on and offline.

Measure conversions

Measure and quantify exactly how your campaigns convert your target audience's interests into real world consumption.

Get your point across fast

Translating your hard-won insights into a persuasive and impactful presentation can be a tedious process.That's why we've invested heavily in technology to help you build your deck directly online in seconds.


Cubeyou Insights' AI engine automatically pre-builds your research. It begins by picking and prioritizing insights based on what you are trying to achieve and compiles them into a neat and easy-to-use dashboard.


You can easily edit and customize the default dashboard based on your needs. Re-order insights by drag-and-dropping each element, easily change the look of tables and graphs and add notes and comments so you're ready to go with just few clicks.


Once the dashboard is exactly as you want it, with one click you can download it in almost any format: PDF, Excel, Powerpoint or Keynote for an upcoming meeting, or as a website or e-mail if you prefer a live interactive version.